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Tours around Spain

Spain is a country of rich history, art, beaches, mountains, architecture, gastronomy, specially because of the Mediterranean diet and products with appellation of origin. It is also well-known for its favorable climate and cultural activities such as bullfights, flamenco, and popular festivals. It is one of the Europe cultural centers. Most of its cities have exceptional historical and artistic value monuments, as well as, it has extraordinary natural landscapes. Spain presents a great cultural diversity due to country’s history and the big number of ethnic groups that had been populating the country and also have been bringing their diverse customs, traditions and artistic manifestations.

We will give you the opportunity to visit the best and most recognizable cities and places in Spain. Reservations are already available through the registration form.

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City tours (half day)
Madrid Sightseeing Tour + Madrid de los Austrias  


X (PM) X (AM)        

Reina Sofia + Palacio Real   X (AM) X (AM) X (AM)   X (AM)      
Madrid Panoramic Sightseeing Tour + Prado Museum X (PM) X (AM)   X (AM) X (PM)   X (AM) X (PM) X (PM)
Surroundings (full day)
Aranjuez-Chinchón   X X         X X
El Escorial   X X         X X
Toledo   X X         X X
Segovia-La Granja   X X         X X
Other cities (3 days )
Barcelona (2 nights)             X    
Sevilla  (2 nights)             X    

  • Plaza Mayor, Madrid

    Plaza Mayor, Madrid

  • Guernica, Museo Reina Sofia

    Guernica, Museo Reina Sofia

  • Palacio Real, Madrid

    Palacio Real, Madrid

  • Museo del Prado, Madrid

    Museo del Prado, Madrid

  • Chinchón, Madrid

    Chinchón, Madrid

  • Palacio Real de Aranjuez, Madrid

    Palacio Real de Aranjuez, Madrid

  • El Escoria, Madrid

    El Escoria, Madrid

  • Toledo


  • Segovia


  • Barcelona


  • Sevilla


Half day tours

Madrid Sightseeing Tour + Madrid de los Austrias
You will see the most important buildings, avenues and squares to know the monuments and its history. The quarter known as the Austrias neighbourhood in the centre of Madrid has a number of sites and monuments dating from the 16th and 17th centuries when the court of the Austrian monarchs was in Spain's capital. The architecture of the houses lining its narrow and irregular streets is sober and austere, in keeping with the character of these monarchs. The best way to discover all the shops and traditional taverns in this part of the city is by walking.

Reina Sofia + Palacio Real
The Reina Sofia Museum holds an important collection of contemporary art in two buildings, one built in the XVIII century by Sabatini, and a modern one designed by Jean Nouvel. It proposes a route through the art of our times from beginning of the XX century, with its utopias and conflicts, the after war period and postmodernity. Among its important masterpieces stand out the famous `Guernica" painted by Pablo Picasso. We will also visit the impressive Royal Palace, former residence of the Spanish Kings, which is beautifully furnished and decorated. Built in the 18th century on the site of the old Alcazar castle of the Austrias, the palace is designed in classical baroque style, with an italian flavour. It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved palaces in Europe and a symbol of the permanence and consolidation of Madrid as the political capital of the kingdom.

Madrid Panoramic Sightseeing Tour + Prado Museum
After an extensive city sightseeing tour we will visit the PRADO MUSEUM, one of the most important Art Galleries in the World. This magnificent 18th century building holds masterpieces of the great Spanish masters such as Velazquez, Goya, El Greco, Ribera, Murillo, and the important artists such as Raphael, Rubens, Bosch, Titian among other international masters.

Full day tours

Aranjuez is located 50 kilometres away from Madrid. It was built during the reign of the Catholic Kings and since then, it is a symbol of the Spanish crown. The site includes the Royal Palace (former royal residence), the Casa del Labrador (house used as shooting box), Museo de Faluas (museum of a special type of boat) and beautiful gardens with sculptures, built during the reign of the Bourbons in the XVIIIth Century.

El Escorial 
El Escorial is a Basilica, a Palace and a Royal Pantheon (a sixteen sided polygon covered with dark marble), a monastery and a famous library. Declared Human Heritage, it is a symbol of the Spanish Power in the XVI century and commemorates the San Quintin Battle. It is also a mausoleum for Charles V. The symmetry and balance of the construction according to the humanist Renaissance style made it considered the eighth wonder of the world for a long period of time.

The beautiful imperial city-museum of Toledo is located 70km away from Madrid. It is one of the oldest towns in Europe, called 'city of the three cultures', since Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together. Its genuine Spanish buildings include almost all the periods in the history (Arab, Gothic, Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque style).

Segovia-La Granja
Segovia is located 90 kilometres away from Madrid, just across the Guadarrama mountain range. It is well-known because of its Roman aqueduct, one of the world's most perfect Roman engineering works, and also due to its typical gastronomy: grilled lamb and piglet. La Granja is one of Spain's most typical castles. From the XIIIth Century, the Trastamara dinasty took it as its official residence and later on it held Isabel the Catholic's coronation ceremony. Its many halls telling the story of the Spanish kings that have at some time or another reside there. This palace, located 10 minutes away from Segovia, is a versallesque landmark in Castile. It was built under Philip V and his second wife Isabel de Farnesio reign, during the XVIIIth Century.

Apart from the royal chambers that hold an important collection of tapestry, its gardens and fountains with classic mythology sculptures are famous.

Other cities

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city of rich cultural, commercial, financial and tourist importance, situated on Mediterranean coast. It integrates in its urban route Roman remains, medieval quarters and the most beautiful examples of Modernism and Avant-gardes of the XX century. UNESCO has declared Heritage of Humanity emblematic constructions of the Catalan architects Antoni Gaudí and Lluís Doménech i Montaner. The popular culture is also manifested with traditions such as ‘Fiestas de la Mercè’ or the ‘fiestas de Gràcia, Sants or Poblenou’. Its innovative gastronomy is based on garden products, fresh fish, sausages, olive oil, artisan pastry and sparkling wines. Barcelona has an exceptional public transport communication, Mediterranean climate and many tourist attractions.

Seville is Andalusia capital where the April fair and the most famous Easter processions in Spain take place. It is a Roman, Arab, Renaissance, Baroque, American, Marian, Flemish, modern, festive, traditional, cosmopolitan, and religious city. It keeps a lot of artistic, cultural, leisure, social and tourist attractions and varied as ‘la Giralda, la Catedral, los Reales Alcázares, la Torre del Oro, la Maestranza, la Casa de Pilatos, la Plaza de España, el Parque de Marí­a Luisa,  el Palacio de San Telmo, el Archivo de Indias, el Barrio de Santa Cruz, la Lonja, la Fábrica de Tabacos, el Ayuntamiento, el Palacio de las Dueñas, las Murallas, la Basí­lica de la Macarena, el Museo de Bellas Artes, el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, el Barrio de Triana, la Cartuja’.