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Top of Shanghai Observatory

Address: No.501 Middle Yincheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Postcode: 200120
Tel: +86-21-20656999
Website: www.shanghaitower.com


Description: The observatory is on the 118th floor. The world's fastest elevator can take you to this 546-meter high observatory where you will have a 360 degree bird's-eye view of Shanghai's renowned buildings, natural beauties and everchanging sky. Consisting of 'Shanghai's Shanghai Tower', 'Ever-growing skyline', 'Skyscraper', 'A city of skyscrapers', 'International high-rise', 'Gene Pool of Shanghai Tower' and 'Vertical city' exhibition areas, the hall displays the design DNA of this fantastic tower with high-tech multimedia effects, which immerse you in the mystery and wonder of the skyscraper. 


Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

Address: No.166 Yinfei Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Postcode: 201306
Tel: 400-601-6699
Website: www.haichangchina.com/shanghai/

Description: Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park closely centering on marine culture, includes five themed areas, namely Mermaid Bay, Polar Town, Snow Kingdom, Underwater Wonderlands and Ocean Tribes. There are nine star-level performances, namely Popular Science Show of Killer Whale, Romantic Tale of Dolphin, Love of Beluga, Trip Story of Walrus, Fairy Tale of Mermaid, Water Dance among Fishe, Fantastic ocean float parade, The realm of ocean, and Aquaman Electronic music Party, as well as six large-scale mammal exhibition venue, which are the habitats of more than 30,000 precious and rare sea mammals. In addition, it possesses six recreational facilities, and also boasts highly characteristic Ocean Resort Hotel which will provide you with a wonderful ocean journey!


Shanghai Disneyland

Address: No.753 North Shendi Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Tel: 400-180-0000 \ +86-21-31580000
Website: www.shanghaidisneyresort.com

Description: Shanghai Disneyland is a Magic Kingdom-style theme park featuring classic Disney storytelling and characters but with authentic cultural touches and themes tailored specifically for the people of China. Shanghai Disneyland features seven themed lands: Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Mickey Avenue, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove, Fantasyland and Disney • Pixar Toy Story Land. The centerpiece of the park is the iconic Enchanted Storybook Castle, the tallest, largest and most interactive castle that represents all the Disney princesses. 


JIN MAO Observatory 88

Address: NO.88 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Postcode: 200120
Tel: +86-21-50475101
Website: www.jinmao88.com

Description: Listed as one of first 4A National Tourist Attractions, the 340.1 meters high Jin Mao Observatory 88 covers an area of 1,520 square meters. The glass curtain wall of the hall provides you with a broad vision. Jin Mao Tower has the world's tallest skyscraper outdoor full-transparent, guardrail-free air trail. It offers the service 'wander in the cloud that visitors can walk along a glass skywalk without rails, bringing them the most extreme sightseeing experience.
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